December 30, 2011

2012 Resolutions

#1 – Text Less, call more.

#2 – Drink more water at work and on the weekends.

#3 – Keep up on my laundry.

#4 – Do not eat after dinner.

#5 – Get the courage to go to the gym.

#6 – Make better food choices throughout the day.

#7 – Realize that not every career move I make is for money and/or power and accept that not everything I do in my career will be challenging.

#8 – Because of resolution #7, realize that I have more time to focus on other things that REALLY define me and REALLY are what make me (i.e. my love for everything physical.)

#9 – To wear tank tops come August 2012.

#10 – Weigh myself more often (once a day or once a week at least).

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