January 3, 2012

And then reality hit...

This morning, I accomplished #10 from my 2012 Resolutions.

Let me tell you...the number on the scale was atrocious. I haven't been this fat since high school! However, the good thing about it is that I know exactly where I am at and where I am starting from. I made the resolution to weigh myself more because I notice that when I get into the regular habit of weighing myself I tend to lose weight because I'm keenly aware of exactly where I am at all the time. I need to be aware at all times. I've spiralled out of control and I really do need to reign myself in and for me, the numbers don't lie.

Talking about numbers, I'm counting calories again. I started today. Everything I eat will be measured and counted. I am going to use My Fitness Pal's mobile app to count my calories. I will be aiming to eat 1400 calories a day and burning 400-500 calories through exercise a day. This should net me out at a deficit of 555-655 calories a day. This would result in about a 1lb. loss a week. If this is true, then by the end of January I should have a 4lb. loss.

This is my goal for this month.

On January 31, four weeks from today, I will post to see if my first goal has been accomplished.

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