January 9, 2012

Another Monday...

It's officially a week that I've been dieting strictly and exercising regularly.

Today is like any other day of the past week. I worked out with the Wii again for 72 minutes dancing with the Just Dance 3 program. I got a pretty good burn which created a deficit of 556. I didn't get to workout in the garage like I had planned. I forgot the Stepson had tutoring today.

This brings me to a very good point. Back in 2007 when I was working out continuously and steadily losing weight I had a theory where if I stayed at a lower weight for more than a week than I truly had lost that weight. I think it's a good theory to have because it can be very disappointing to think that you've lost x amount of weight and then two days later a pound or two of water weight creeps back on. I remembered this lesson today because when I stepped on the scale this morning, that 3lbs. loss that I thought I had turned into only a 2lb. loss. Boo! However, it's still a loss and by standard guidelines, healthy weightloss happens in increments of 2lbs. or less in any given week. So if I'm going by regular guidelines, I'm right on track.

I ate very clean today. I had my usual breakfast and snacks but for dinner I had quinoa and south western veggie mix which included black beans. I really love eating clean. It really just takes a lot of planning on my part. I'm also getting better at measuring my food. The other day, I measured 4oz. of chicken within .05 of an oz. I was really proud of myself. I'm still using measuring cups and spoons and my food scale a lot. It's the only way that I can keep my portions in check. I don't want to eat too little and then throw my body into starvation mode. It's such a balancing act.

I didn't struggle as bad today with the whole eating thing. I think it's because I was busy at work today. It's easier dieting at work than when at home on the weekends. I find myself on the weekends feeling bored and hungry OR I'm out and about and don't have the proper foods at the right time. It's easier at work where everything is planned and there is always a clock available to make sure that I'm eating at the right time.

Anyways, another day, another drop in the bucket.


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