January 19, 2012

Blind Faith

Since changing my eating and activity habits these last 3 weeks I’ve had minimal results. I have lost 5lbs. so far. I know that losing 1-2lbs. per week is the safe way to lose weight; however I can’t help but be human and feel impatient. I wish that the weight that I have to lose would come off in the blink of an eye. I wish I could snap my fingers and be in the best shape of my life again.


I know better.

These past couple of weeks I have been relying on what I like to call “Blind Faith.” I have faith that if I continue on this journey as planned I will find success… long, lasting success. I am looking to change my body FOREVER. I am not looking to lose some weight now and then 4 years down the line regain the weight. I am better than that. I have Blind Faith that what I am doing is the right way, and the only way, for me to be happy with my body for the rest of my life.

Without the struggle of losing this weight, I will never truly enjoy the success that is yet to come. I have never been this heavy in my adult life. I have never felt so out of my skin in my adult life. Before I got pregnant I thought I would never have to feel the way I did in Jr. High School again in my life. I never anticipated that life and laziness would get in the way of me being my true self.

When I think about myself, I think about this picture…

I do not think of the person I have become. I do not carry myself as an overweight-all-my-life individual. I carry myself as that same fit girl in the picture above…I just don’t have the body to match my personality anymore. However, I’m working towards that again and there is nothing written in the stars that it is something that is not attainable. It definitely is something I can and will achieve…I just need to continue to have Blind Faith and patience.

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