January 16, 2012


I knew this journey wouldn’t be easy. I knew that it would take a long time and a lot of work and patience on my side.
However, today, I am feeling a little disappointed in myself. I thought I did an okay job this weekend in the eating front. Actually, I logged everything in and ate within target on both days. I didn’t pig out at my friends BBQ and I stuck mainly to the celery and carrots they had on the veggie platter.
The thing is I didn’t workout one single day this weekend. I cleaned the house like a mad woman yesterday and it left me exhausted, but I really don’t count that as a workout. I guess that at the beginning of changes such as these are relapses into our old lifestyle. I am considering this weekend my first and only relapse. I really do want this change and I really do want to lose a considerable amount of weight. The only way that will happen is through consistency.
I’m just disappointed that I didn’t do better this weekend. All I can do now is learn from this and make sure that next weekend I fit in those workouts no matter what.

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