January 1, 2012

The First Workout...

It's the first of the year. You didn't think that I would start it off on the wrong foot, did ya? Well, I started it out with a great Wii workout. I danced to this great game...
I worked my butt off for sure. I happened to have my heart rate monitor (HRM) on and when I was done the HRM said I burned 638 calories. When I told my husband he said that I should subtract 10-15% for error. I told him that HRM do not work like that. My HRM is programmed specifically for me. So when it says 638 calories burned...it's 638!

To be honest...

I didn't feel like dancing tonight. It's just that I got my son off to bed later than usual and it just felt like it was too late to dance. Luckily, I felt sort of nauseous after dinner and needed something to help me digest my food. Dancing did the trick.

Anyways, my plan for my workout is basically to have fun with it for the next 6 weeks at home and then hit the gym. I say 6 weeks because I REALLY need to build up my endurance. I haven't workout in a long time and I really want to take some body pump and kickboxing classes at the gym. I so do not want to be the girl in the back that is having a heart attack because I'm sooooo out of shape. No, I'd rather be the girl that is having just an asthma attack because she's naturally asthmatic...lol

On a different note, my whole family is sick. I better not get it!

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