January 31, 2012

January’s monthly goal completed. So what’s up for February?

At the beginning of the month, I set a goal on the right of my daily entries. The goal was to lose 4lbs. in January. I am so proud to announce that I have reached my goal and exceeded it by 1lb. I thought that I would reach it with ease and knew that it was attainable. My body is really stubborn when I begin a new fitness/eating regimen and it tends to hold on to the weight. I know that I will not see real visible results until maybe March. It can be discouraging, but because I know how this works, I know that eventually I will be rewarded for all the ground work that I’m setting down.
So what’s next for February?
Well, I’m setting another attainable goal of losing 5 more pounds. Combined with the first 5 that I’ve already lost, this should equal a total of 10lbs. down by the end of February. Again, not really visible results since I have so much to lose, but still attainable and still progress. To do this, I will continue to exercise at night as I have been. However, my eating will be a little different. I am lowering my calories to 1200 net calories for this month. This means that if I eat 1200 calories before exercising and then exercise and burn 300 calories, I will eat back those 300 calories[healthy stuff of course]. It sounds counter-intuitive, but I have this feeling that my body just needs to not feel freaked out over the restriction. I will tweak and adjust if need be by the second week in February.
Besides the weight goal, I’m also going to start setting a beauty goal. Last month, I didn’t really post what my beauty goal was going to be, but I had set out to get at least two pedicures. I got the first pedicure the first weekend of January, but then because the guy doing my toes went all Rambo on my toenails, I ended up getting a gnarly ingrown toenail. After 3 Epson salt baths and doing some bathroom surgery on my toe, I got the toenail to grow out and it went back to normal. Since I was a little apprehensive about going back to the pedicurist, I did the second pedicure at home.
Anyway, long story short, I will keep up with the pedicures but for this month my beauty goal is to whiten my teeth again. I’m going to go today to my local CVS and get some Crest White Strips. If you’ve never whitened your teeth before, let me tell you, it can be painful. This is why I never stick it out past 3 days! The pain is just too unbearable. I end up giving up. Well, not this time. I’m going to take a picture of my teeth before and after at the end of the month. Hope I stick to it!

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