January 17, 2012

Still sticking with it...

I'm still going at it. It's been over 2 weeks that I've been faithfully logging in my calories into My Fitness Pal. My body is acting very stubborn and not losing as fast as I would like it to. However, this isn't a race and I have to be patient. If I keep reaching for success at one point it's going to have to come to me. I will continue to log in my calories and aim to eat 1400 calories a day as planned.

I recently thought up of an idea of lowering my caloric intake to the bare minimum of 1200 calories 2-3 days during the week for two weeks to see how that affects my weight loss progress. I might try this starting next week, but will give the 1400 calories a day another week so that my body can be really used to eating less than I was before.

I must mention that I am no longer having too much difficulty with eating 1400 calories per day. It's not too hard to stick to, however there are times at night where I just want to snack out of habit. I have found that drinking water and brushing my teeth early really helps me stick to my plan. One good thing is that I've kicked the habit of eating gold fish at night. I haven't had any such crackers since I've started. I also haven't had any candy. What has been happening is that I look at the calories in the food and think, "How starved am I going to be at 10pm tonight if I have this?" It really does work in discouraging me from eating things that are too high in calories.

One thing that I'm having issues with though is my husband's eating habits. He still is on the "eat out during the week" train. I have been trying my best to eat good things while we are eating out, however, I feel like I can't get a good read on the calories that I am eating because not every restaurant has a calorie count for what they serve. Also, I can't just bring my food scale and measuring cups to a restaurant and sit there and measure out my food...or can I? Ha! I'd be the crazy lady with kitchen ware in her L.A.M.B purse...Hahaha! Ummmm, no! I'm committed to this, but not that committed.

Anyways, I worked out last night and I'm planning to repeat that again tonight.

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