January 23, 2012

Tonight's workout

I just got finished with tonight's workout. I did Cathe's Basic Step again and added on the lower body segment to round out the workout.
I did really well with my eating today.

I still ate 1400 calories today. Tomorrow, since it's stretching and abs day, I'm going to aim to eat 1200 calories. I think it will be hard, like it was for me to eat 1400 calories initially. However, I think it's good to keep my body guessing, plus maybe it'll help shed an extra pound or two. On Wednesday, I will go back to 1400 calories. Basically, I'm going to match my intake for the week according to how streneous my workouts are. I think it's going to look like this:

M -1400 calories
T - 1200 calories
W - 1400 calories
Th - 1200 calories
F- 1400 calories
S- 1400 calories
Su-  1200 calories

We'll see how I do. If it's too hard and I feel starved, I'm just going to keep myself at 1400 calories instead of dipping down to the bare minimum of 1200 calories for women. I will have to see how I feel. I don't want to rebound and have a day where I eat 1700 calories because I was so starved the day before on the 1200 calorie restriction.

Anyways, as mentioned before, I didn't weigh in today. I know that one of my resolutions is to weigh myself more often, but the last time I weighed in was Saturday, so it hasn't been too long.

That's all for tonight. Have a nice night!

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