January 25, 2012

Totally Sick!

Remember a couple of days ago I wrote that I was feeling a little under the weather?
Well, I thought I got better and I was feeling pretty good.
Then last night before I was due to go out and do my stretching and abs, I started getting this horrible cough and my throat felt so sore and so raw. Since my stepson had tutoring and my husband didn’t come home until late, I decided to just not workout. I was feeling horrible anyways. I thought I would be disappointed in myself this morning, but the truth is, I woke up with a full blown cough/cold/sore throat/ upper respiratory issue. In other words, I feel like crap today!
This is so par for the course. Every time I try to start a new workout routine, I seem to come down with a cold or the flu. I have a theory as to why this happens. I think that my body is so used to actively living an INACTIVE life that when I expect something more from it than sitting on its ass, it protests and lowers my immune system. Then anything floating around, I catch! I think it does this to deter me from continuing my workouts. This time, I’m giving my body the big, fat, middle finger and I’m going to continue on with my diet and exercise regimen. This time, unlike any other time, I will persevere and be just as stubborn as my body is to drop the extra elle-bees! I’m tired of this and I’m not going to let a little sniffle and the fact that I’m coughing out my lungs stop me  being what I set out to be.
So with this in mind, I went out this morning to the CVS and maybe went a little overboard on over-the-counter remedies. I don’t know, you be the judge?
I really don’t care though. Right now, I will do anything to at least alleviate the symptoms so that I can have a successful day.
Talking about success, yesterday I stuck to my 1200 calories! It wasn’t that hard either! I think that the reason why it was so hard for me to initially drop down to 1400 calories in the beginning of January is because my portions were completely out of control. I ate healthy foods, I just ate too much! I can tell you that measuring spoon, cups and the food scale have really become my friends. I use them all the time now to judge my portions because my naked eye can’t do it yet. I can estimate 4oz of chicken, fish and meat, but that’s about it. If you ask me to serve a cup of something, I’ll probably over estimate by a lot. In the beginning of this month, my husband kept noticing that there were measuring spoons and cups in the sink. He asked me twice if I was baking something…lol. I explained to him what I was doing and now, the measuring spoons and items are just like any other dish in the sink.
On another note, I forgot to mention yesterday that I took my measurements. I had been meaning to take them since the beginning of January, but it kept slipping my mind. I have nothing to compare my measurements to right now, so all they represent is numbers. There is no loss or gain in the numbers so they don’t really matter.
Today’s agenda calls for Basic Step and Upper Body. I am praying that I will feel well enough by 7pm tonight to do the workout.

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