January 5, 2012

What today looked like...

Today was another deficit! 679 calories to be exact! I exercised with the Wii again.


Let me tell you though...it was tough today. I'm beginning to think that I might need to incorporate more protein in my morning hours since I feel the most hungry at about 10:30. My first instinct is to go and grab a cup of coffee to kill the hunger pains. Then I remember, "Oh yeah, I should have a snack!"

I'm still getting used to my new (old) way of eating. Actually, I'm getting used to having a structured way of eating again. Back when I was at my prime, I would eat 5-6 meals a day. Well, actually it was 3 balanced meals and 2-3 small snacks in between. I've reverted back to this method of eating. However, the horrible habits that I've established over the last 3 years keep trying to creep back in. One of those habits is the instinct to grab the coffee when I'm hungry. Coffee does NOTHING for filling my belly. It just gives me a boost of caffeine that I really don't need mid-morning when Ive been awake for several hours and have not yet endured an entire day at work.

Talking about work, at my last job, I would often find myself hitting a wall at around 3 in the afternoon. I would feel sluggish and also I would crave sweets. To say the least, my life and eating habits had no structure during that time in my life. I would eat whatever, whenever. Hot Tamales were the candy of choice back then. I tried to eat healthy, but because of how rundown I felt and how overextended I was in my life, I just had no structure.

((A small confession: one of my driving factors for finding a job close to home was so that I could get my act together again and get fit again.))  THERE I'VE SAID WRITTEN IT...


Anyways, I'm hanging in there and I'm adapting. I have a great feeling about this new path that I'm on.  It's like a switch has gone off in my head. I've said it before, but this time things are different. It took breaking my foot to realize how lucky I am to be able to move, have freedom and to be able to make choices.

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