January 18, 2012

Workout Wednesday...

Today's workout was phenomenal. Actually, not really, but it was good. I did my first Cathe Friedrich workout today. Let me back pedal a little and explain why doing a Cathe Friedrich workout is a big deal.

Back in 2006/2007, I was working out A LOT. I would workout everyday. The trainer that I would workout to was Cathe Friedrich. I loved her because she was just the right combination of fun and serious to get you through a tough workout. I continued to workout with her on and off all through 2008 and at the beginning of my pregnancy. I stopped doing her workouts because they became too hard with my huge baby bump. The thing is, I NEVER have been able to do one of her workouts successfully since.

It's not that she is entirely tough. It's that her way of cardio is tough. She teaches step aerobics. Who would think that stepping on and off a 6" platform would be tough? Believe me though, after 10 minutes your heart is beating through your chest. That was my experience today...lol

However, I did complete the workout along with an upper body toning segment as well. It was a good day :)

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