January 20, 2012

The Wrap-Up...

Despite how I felt this morning, I was determined to get today's workout done. I kept on schedule with my eating and came in at a deficit, which has been the usual story lately. Go me!

My workout today was 30 minutes of step cardio and then a segment on abs. Can I just tell you that my ab muscles are majorly atrophied and I have NO strength in them what so ever?!?!?! I do have to say this though, I did a lot better on the step workout today than I did day before yesterday. I didn't get as winded and I only stopped once and it was after 23 minutes. A few days ago, I got VERY winded and took several breaks, the first one being 8 minutes into the workout. I felt proud of myself today for only stopping once and so late in the game. When I looked down at my heartrate monitor, I was up at 90% of my max heart rate...no wonder I needed a break.

Things are looking up, despite feeling like I'm making no progress.

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