February 1, 2012

What a good workout does for me…

I mentioned yesterday in my Nightly Recap post that I had started the Body Fusion workout by Cathe Friedrich. Well, I think it’s the best thing I could have done for myself. There is just something about circuit training and the challenge it presents that makes me want to rise to the occasion. I woke up this morning feeling VERY determined to continue this journey. I have been very motivated this entire time, but between last night and this morning, it just feels like something clicked for me. I feel like my passion for exercise is back. I have been looking for this passion for over 3 years. Actually, I’ve been looking for myself for the last 3 years. Being pregnant, then having a baby and never having time for myself caused me to feel like I had lost my sense of self.
I feel that FINALLY I am mentally getting where I need to be. I’m not sure if it has to do with the blogging again (which was such a HUGE part of my life before I had a baby) or if it’s the working out and eating right that is paving the path to a happier me. I think it might just be a combination of both things because these were the simple things that made me a happier person. Part of why I had to abandon my blog of 6 years was because it had turned so dark. I was so unhappy. Post after post was about my state of depression. When I went back to read it, I found it to be such a downer that I thought it better to just lock it away. I am not saying that I do not own the unhappier times of my life, however for the sake of getting to a happier place, I just had to start from scratch. Hence, this blog! Even the page layout is so much brighter than my last blog!
So with this all said, I’ve basically decided that I will continue doing what feels good. Body Fusion feels fun. I didn’t do it perfectly yesterday, so today, I feel like I want to do it again and try to complete all the cardio combos without having to stop. Thus, I plan on doing the workout again tonight. Wish me luck!

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