March 22, 2012

Still at it...

This morning was awesome. I woke up, stepped on the scale and saw a number I haven't seen in over a year.

I can believe that I am losing weight because I am working REALLY hard. However, seeing the number on the scale move down is just so surreal. I think because nothing has really happened in the last 3 years and I've tried a lot of things to try to get that number to decrease. I'm really glad that I'm sticking to the BFL program. I am on Week 5, Day  4. Today is running and I can't wait.

That is the thing about losing weight, if you don't see it happening you get discouraged, but the minute you lose a little you get even more dedicated to the cause and work that much harder which in turn makes the scale go down even more. The thing is getting that stupid scale to start to move!

I've also noticed that my jeans are fitting me a lot looser in the legs and butt area. My waist however is still the same, which sucks because I want to really get rid of the mama belly that I still have from Liam. I know it will happen, but it will be slow and happen last.

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