April 3, 2012

Still going strong...

I am on week 7 of BFL.

However, I do have to mention that I skipped one workout last week. I skipped a leg workout because I was so fatigued. The good news is that I'm feeling a lot better and yesterday was the start of week 7. So far, I've lost 9lbs. as you can see to the right. I have also lost a lot of inches. My jeans are really lose on my legs. The sad part is that my stomach is acting retarded and not losing the weight. I'm really saddened by this because I just hate my stomach.

I love my son, but he ruined my stomach. I used to have a super flat stomach. Now, it's puffy and soft. Thank God he didn't give me stretch marks, but still the shape it took after pregnancy is similar to a ball of dough. Lumpy and very round. I think it's going to take mega kickboxing and for many months to get it to whittle down. I feel like that is my biggest challenge.

On a good note, my ass is off the chain! All those lunges, squats and dead lifts have raised my butt and made it rounder. I'm thankful for having nice legs and a nice butt. A lot of women have square, flat butts but thankfully I've always had a nice unker-dunker :)

So yeah, I'm still killing it in my garage on an almost daily basis.

Did I mention last time that I'm running faster and longer than I ever have in my life? Yeah, the fat asthmatic kid is running and enjoying it! Go figure!

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