January 14, 2013

2012 Resolutions. Did they come true????

I have been a terrible blogger the past 3 years. I blame it on the worst writers block in the world. Mainly stemming from giving birth to my son and probably in the process my brain. My brain because I can't quite find ideas for things to write about as easily as I used to. Now it's literally like slamming my head against a wall and hoping that an idea will fall out of my head.

My point is that I used to keep a really good blog with everything documented and it was awesome to see when things were happening back then. Now if someone asks me what I did three months ago, I really have no idea! Maybe I'd be able to piece it together if I was to look at my Facebook status updates. However, those are usually bologna and only one liners that explain nothing about what is going on in my life.

However, this morning I was lucky enough to find that I had written my 2012 resolutions in THIS blog! How awesome of me! It's great because now I can go back and see if I kept my resolutions or not. Here is the original post if you want to read it.

Here are the resolutions I made at the end of 2011 for the year 2012. Lets see if I kept my word:

#1 – Text Less, call more. 

I failed miserably at this one. Miserably because I almost exceeded my text message limit in September and my husband received an email from Verizon telling them that I needed to cool it. I didn't call my friends as much as I should have.

#2 – Drink more water at work and on the weekends.

I did really well on this one. I need to reinstate this resolution because lately I suck at this!

#3 – Keep up on my laundry.

Half the year I did horribly. However, I cleaned out my closet and got rid of a lot of clothes and vowed to keep my laundry basket as empty as possible. I'm still keeping this one up!

#4 – Do not eat after dinner.

This is the one that I did fantastically at! I started in May to really concentrate on this and it just motivated me to eat better all day long so that I wouldn't feel like eating at night.

#5 – Get the courage to go to the gym.

I didn't go. I still hate the gym.

#6 – Make better food choices throughout the day.

YES! I did fabulous on this one!

#7 – Realize that not every career move I make is for money and/or power and accept that not everything I do in my career will be challenging.

I've accepted it!

#8 – Because of resolution #7, realize that I have more time to focus on other things that REALLY define me and REALLY are what make me (i.e. my love for everything physical.)

This is the perk of working where I work. I take no work home! I leave and its done.

#9 – To wear tank tops come August 2012.

I didn't wear them in August, but I did in September. Admittedly, it was so damn hot I had no choice.

#10 – Weigh myself more often (once a day or once a week at least).

I weigh myself almost daily now. It helps keep me on track with the weight loss.


So it looks like I did pretty well. Some of the resolutions have spilled into this year and I intend on maintaining them. Others I won't ever entertain again (like going to the gym) because they just aren't me and I will never change. I hope I can keep my new resolutions for 2013.

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