January 18, 2013

I Love My Nutribullet

Last fall my husband and I were in Target perusing the aisles when I happened to go into the blender / chopper / food processor aisle and noticed that next to the Magic Bullet there was a big silver Magic Bullet looking thing. I could feel my little heart pitter-patter once I realized that it indeed was another product from the people who brought us the wonderful Magic Bullet.

Before I go any further, I must say that I am a huge fan of the Magic Bullet. I have had it since Christmas 2010 and I have used it for anything from a protein shake to blending up stewed tomatoes. I love my Magic Bullet. To me it is more useful than a blender. With a blender you have this bulky pitcher which can fit everything in it, but to clean that sucker it takes a goose neck faucet and a deep sink or a lot of tilting and clanking on the sink. Not to mention the daring finger acrobatics it takes to clean the blade without cutting yourself! Don't forget that you also have to remove the rubber o-ring that separates the blade from the pitcher or else it will mildew and rot! Can you tell I HATE blenders?!?!?!?

A Magic Bullet is so much better! You just put everything into the cup, screw the blade on, pop it onto the motor, push down on the cup and within seconds whatever you put into it has been decimated! Cleaning it is even better! You unscrew it, swipe the blade a few times with a soapy sponge and rinse. Washing the cup is just like washing a mug. THAT'S IT! Do I need to keep going or have I convinced you about my love for my Magic Bullet??? HA!

Back to the Nutribullet, I freaked out when I saw it in Target and coveted it until I got it about 2 months later. Once it was in my house, I swear I went a little crazy. Everyday I was trying out new things. Blending things that I really don't like normally. Like beets! I'm not a fan at all, but I blended them up and I actually like them now. Well I like them blended in a shake with other things...but I at least eat them now!

However, when the holidays rolled around I went on what I am calling "Winter Hibernation" and stopped blending :(

To be honest, I missed my concoctions! So when the holidays were over I was determined to get back into it. I must confess that I didn't get back into until this week. However, it's been an amazing week! Tasty things have been blended and my body feels amazing again :)

Today I blended romaine lettuce, pineapple, blueberries, carrots and chia seeds.

It was so good!!!

My biggest piece of advice is if you are ever in the market for a juicer, please think twice before you buy one. Think about buying the Nutribullet instead. It is a better buy and it keeps the pulp in your juice, which is the best part!

Disclaimer: I was not paid by Magic Bullet to write this. I just love their products!

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