January 14, 2013

My 1st race...

Back in November I ran my first race ever. It wasn’t really a race because I wasn’t really competing and probably never will as a runner. I’m just happy that I can run without dying!  My first race also happened to be on Thanksgiving. Yes, I ran a 5k Turkey Trot!

Let me begin by saying that I am in no way, shape or form a runner. I am not all about mile times, distance or races. I signed up for this race because my brother wanted to run a race with me and I had been running for some months and though, “Why not?” Mostly, I was going because I wanted to spend time with my brother and it seemed like fun. The run was made even more fun by the T-shirts I had made for us…

Hahaha! I’m a dork. I know! But it was so nice running with my brother and representing my family J

So to recap what I remember of the race, the first mile went by pretty fast. Although, I’m asthmatic and that morning the fog rolled in super thick. It was also a little cold. The combination of the wet air and the cold did not do me any favors and I walked part of the run.

The second mile lasted FOREVER!  Admittedly, we walked most of it and sprinted here and there. I felt really bad about holding back my brother but he assured me that he was not in it to get a good placing but to hang out with me.

Finally we hit the final mile and started to jog. After a while my asthma just wasn’t letting up and so I told my brother to just go. He took off and left me behind. When there was half a mile left I started sprinting to finish the damn race. I was over it and just wanted to be done with it. I sprinted and of course couldn’t breathe but I made it to the end beating my goal by 5 minutes! I felt great and it was a very nice experience. I will do it again and with my brother again, but I will train harder and take my albuterol sooner so that it can go deeper into my lungs. Oh yeah, I will also do another 5k in the summer heat. That should make the run easier on me too.

All in all, I placed 513 out of 630.  

Amazingly, I wasn’t  last!

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