January 30, 2013

My legs and my famous dog

If you look at my workout schedule that I posted a few days back, you will notice that I did legs last Saturday. Before I go on, you have to know that the workout DVDs that I do at home are murderous! Cathe Friedrich (the trainer) is insane! The leg workout is supposedly over an hour but I only made it 30 minutes in before my legs were giving out. Yes, they were failing. In an effort to avoid injury I called it quits at 30 minutes and vowed to try to complete the workout next time.

The whole reason I’m posting this today is because I am still not walking like a normal human being.  I look like a penguin. I’m waddling side-to-side in an effort to not bend my legs at the knee because if I do my quads will scream at me. Going down stairs is torturous and I’m not even going to write about how hard it is for me to sit on the toilet. I’m guessing that either I over did it or I’m just a damn wimp that can’t do a few squats, lunges and step ups without being in pain days later. I think I’m just a wimp.

On a different note, my dog Charlie went into surgery yesterday to get some teeth pulled. When we originally took him to the vet two weeks ago she said that he would need his canine teeth pulled. However, I was pleasantly surprised when I got home last night and found out that his canines were saved and that the only teeth they needed to remove were two molars in the back.  

I love my dog.

He is a rescue animal and he is such a gem. Did you know that my dog is famous? He was on TV! We have a news channel that every Thursday night they feature animals from local shelters that are available for adoption. I guess they do this around 11 o’clock at night. If you know me, on a weekday there is no way I could stay up to 11pm. So I never got to see Charlie on TV, but my mom and dad sure did. They said he was sitting on top of the newscaster’s counter during the broadcast and was so well behaved (like a person just patiently waiting to be addressed). I guess my mom had a premonition and told my dad, “That is Karla’s dog.” She made my dad email me the next morning about Charlie (who was originally named Kenny). He was at a shelter that was about 30 minutes away from where I worked so the same day I got the email I escaped the office for my lunch and went to see MY dog. When they brought out Charlie I was instantly in love with him. He was so cocky and he had the curliest tail! He was MY dog!

I only got to visit with him for like 10 minutes before I had to leave for work again. I immediately called my husband and told him that we needed to get THIS dog. My husband was totally against getting a dog because we had just moved into our new home and he didn’t want to take on more responsibility. I tried to understand my husband’s point of view, but he was just plain wrong! Hahaha! THIS was MY dog and I was going to wear my husband thin if that is what it would take to get MY dog. It took me two weeks of mentioning the dog in EVERY conversation. I even engaged my stepson to help me out! Finally, my husband said, “Let’s go see this dog you are buggin’ about.”

That Saturday we ventured out to the shelter and my husband and stepson got to meet Charlie. My husband wasn’t too into the dog, but he gave in. I mean my stepson and I were both in tears begging for the dog through our sniffles.

The rest is history and boy has our dog been the most awesome dog ever.  We’ve all grown and changed but Charlie has stayed the same and has loved us unconditionally throughout the years. We sure are lucky to have our famous dog!

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