February 8, 2013

Nutribullet Diet

Today, I am starting a Nutribullet "Diet." I put diet in quotes because I'm really not going on a diet. I'm just going to incorporate more of the Nutribullet shakes into my diet.

Originally, I bought the Nutribullet as a way to get more greens into my diet. I've never given the Nurtibullet a shot at helping me lose weight. I didn't buy it for that. Up to this point I have been using the shakes as a supplement to my diet. Usually replacing a snack meal with a shake.

However, I go on vacation in 71 days and I want to look hot. Hahaha! So basically, it's crunch time and I think that if I stick to a more plant-based diet for the two months leading up to my vacation I should be able to shed at least 10lbs.

Combined with more weight training and incorporating some cardio in the routine, I think that I should be okay for vacation. Luckily for me, I'm out about 9 weeks so it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish.

Anyways, Today I started with a spinach, celery, carrot, blueberry and flax seed shake. Here are the nutritional facts as well as how much of each vegetable/fruit I used:

As you can see I need to up the amounts on the spinach and flax seeds. I would like to see the calories for each of my shakes around 250 calories. This will allow me to keep my calorie count where I need it to be without having to worry that I am going over my daily calories.

I wish Myfitnesspal.com could show the mineral values for each Nutribullet shake because that is where these shakes shine. Oh well, I'll just deal with the calorie count.

Wish me luck!