March 15, 2013

My Hobbies

So I've been MIA for a few days. 

I've been sort of busy since Tuesday night. 

See I volunteered to write my HOA's bi-monthly newsletter. Thus, I have to go to the meetings every month to get the content for the newsletters. This time, as the meeting progressed the issue of their website came up. Supposedly their website person who built their original website had a falling out with the HOA and is now holding the website hostage. Or at least he thinks that he has some sort of levarage over the HOA. 


Luckily he is an idiot and I am a smarty pants that can build a website that will blow his little backyard HOA website out of the water.


I volunteered to build the website. I’m still working on it and the information is still a little whacked out because it’s the content that I collected from their old website. However the look of the website seems more professional and more sophisticated. I plan to take pictures of my neighborhood this weekend (hoping for sun) and putting them on the webpage as well.

I would give you a link to my HOA’s website, but then that would mean that you know where I live. Ummm, yeah, I’m not gonna do that!