March 25, 2013

Pictures, Love and Wedding Photography

I am a picture hog by nature. All the family photos come to my house to die…lol. Actually, I have a horrible memory and taking pictures is my way of helping me remember things. I also am very sentimental and looking at pictures makes me feel connected to things, stories and people that are a part of my life. So when I see pictures that people take of clouds, birds, chipmunks and water drops, I’m not really impressed. Yes, they are pretty, but who cares! Do you love that bird, chipmunk or water drop? Probably not!

MY PICTURES are of the people I love. The events that I've been to. The things that I would otherwise not remember. For example, my 26th birthday dinner, I have a picture of my family with their heads stuck in a menu at Black Angus. I know, it sounds stupid, but it’s funny to see my mom furrow her brow to read the menu. It’s nice to see the restaurant that we went to (because otherwise I would have forgotten.) Most of all, it’s a moment that I spent with the people I love the most and I got it caught on film and when I’m 98, I will be able to still see my mom’s brow furrow in that picture and remember her.

Don’t even get me started on the pictures of my son! He’s grown up so fast that seeing pictures of his baby skin almost allows me to smell his baby cheeks. Otherwise, I would have to depend on my faulty memory and how sad would my life be without being able to almost smell that rosy cheek!

Last September my best friend invited me to her wedding. She was marrying the love of her life and after being friends for 10+ years, I knew it was an event I wouldn't want to miss out on. She also sheepishly asked me if I would mind bringing my “big camera,” to take pictures of her wedding. My “big camera” is a Canon Digital Rebel XSi 12.2 MP Digital SLR Camera. I got it at Costco in a pack with the starter lens (18-55mm).  I am not a photographer by any means. I know that photographers out there are so hyper critical and snobby that my “big camera” to them is like what a triathlete thinks of a tricycle. However, I don’t care what you picture snobs out there think of my pictures. I have ulterior motives to my pictures and they are not to impress people that I don’t know. They are to remember the people that I love and the moments that I might soon forget.

So I arrived late at the wedding because I live soooo far away and we got stuck in traffic. I missed the first few minutes of the ceremony but the second I stepped into the courtyard where it was being held, I went nuts like a fashion photographer. I got into people’s faces, got close to the minister, went right down the aisle to get a good picture when they pronounced them “Mr. and Mrs.” and even followed her into the area where she was supposed to be collecting herself with her new husband…lol. Invader of space? Yes, that was me! I made her pose in silly poses (or what she thought were silly). I made her stand in certain areas vs. other areas. I made them move into a picture so that all space was used efficiently. The guests probably thought that I was crazy. I bet my best friend even thought I was crazy. 

However all those "crazy" pictures turned out stunning. Every emotion was captured by my lens and when I'm 45 and have the beginning of Alzheimer I will be able to see the look on my best friends face as she looked into her new husband's eyes and know that I captured her pure emotion and I will remember how elated she was on that day. 

That is what pictures mean to me. Not all these amazing effects that you see online. Yeah, they are amazing, but they are also plastic, convey no emotion and are soon forgotten because they are truly cold pictures. Why do you think Dear Photograph is widely successful? Check it out and let me know if you can keep your eyes from leaking?

And that is why I hoard pictures...