March 26, 2013

Simple thinking, simple results?

Today I have three simple goals for the day:
  • Drink Water 
  • Record what I eat 
  • Workout
  • Go to bed early 

Pretty simple, right? Actually any other given day I probably would say, “easier said than done.” However this morning I work up with the same determination as I did yesterday. I told you this time it was different.  I've realized that if it’s so simple to write my goals out, why not make it simple to accomplish them? I am going to get where I need to be no matter what and it is going to happen before my 34th birthday. 34! Geez. Oh well, it’s just a number.

I've been drinking the water all day and I've been logging everything into I’m planning on working out tonight around 7:30 (if I’m lucky) and my main goal is to get to bed by 10pm.

I might write more about my workout tonight. It depends on when I get off the treadmill.