March 11, 2013

Weight loss is frustrating and life is boring…

(Isn't that an original title for a blog post??? Eh? Now that is talent!)

I’m really frustrated. Over the past 5 weeks I've been losing and gaining the same 3 pounds over and over again. I've tossed up my diet. I've tossed up my workouts. I’m sort of feeling discouraged. I’m not giving up, but I’m thinking that I might have to kill myself a little harder to get a little further. I’m thinking that I might have to get ultra-regimental. Meaning timing my meals, eating strange combinations of food to reach certain macros, drinking a ton of protein shakes and eating a smaller variety of foods.

I hate doing that!

However, it’s all that works with my body. I love nutrition and being able to manipulate meals to reach a certain goal, but I hate being strict. It makes me bitchy and I hate being bitchy.

I have about 15-20lbs. to go. When I told my sister this last week, she told me that she didn't see it. Then I told her I have a ton of back fat. It’s like the lard just accumulates back there. It’s great because I don’t really look at my back much, but it sucks because I know it’s still there.

I would like to see all this weight gone by the end of the summer. That way when my birthday rolls around I won’t feel like such a loser…lol. No, I just like feeling good about myself on my birthday. It helps alleviate the depression of getting a year older.

On another note, my brother came to visit on Saturday and it was nice to see him after over a month. Sunday was really boring, but I got to relax, read and work on some pictures I took of a friend’s wedding LAST SEPTEMBER! Man, I lag big time.  

I’m reading a Sophie Kinsella novel called, “ I've Got Your Number.” 

I bought it like a million years ago (seriously, like over a year ago) when I thought that my son was getting a little more independent, but I soon realized that I was totally wrong about the independent thing…lol. It’s been on the back burner ever since. Finally on Friday night I didn't feel like staring at a screen (TV or computer) so I picked it back up and started it all over again. The thing about books is that I read them too fast and then I’m left feeling sad because the story is over. (One thing about me, I don’t deal well with endings. Even if they are happy! I just hate when things end. You should have seen me when I graduated from college. I cried like a baby!)

That’s about it for me. Like I said, it’s been boring being me lately. It’s because I’m saving money for my vacation so I don’t get to go out and do things because I can’t spend money right now. It’ll all be over in 40 days and I will be basking in the sun without a care in the world. Wait, I’m a mom, that doesn't happen anymore!!!