March 29, 2013

You have to be strict to see results...

I've been approached several times by many friends and family regarding weight loss. Specifically, I've been approached about my diet and exercise habits. Just so you all know my entire blog is about my struggles, triumphs and discoveries over the course of my most recent weight loss journey. As many of you know, I'm not completely done, but I have laid down a decent foundation of good healthy habits and I have seen some success. I'm not an expert, but since so many people ask me about what I've done and what I am doing to lose the weight, here is a summary of my eating and exercise habits that started this journey:

To start, this is what I did the first 12 weeks:

The first 4 weeks, I would have one "cheat day"/week.
Weeks 5-8 I cut that back to one "cheat meal"/week and dropped the brown rice in M3 & M5.
The last 4 weeks I did my best to have "zero" cheat meals.

I always eat 5-6 (250-350 calorie) meals/day with protein and carbs and no added sugars.

M1 is a protein shake - chocolate whey protein, 1 small banana, 8 oz. almond milk, 4 oz H2O, 4-5 ice cubes, 4oz. brewed coffee.
M2 is 5 hard-boiled egg whites and 1 cup cooked oatmeal.
M3 (lunch) is fish or chicken and vegetables with ½ c. brown rice the first 4 weeks only.
M4 is usually ½ c. low fat (1%) salt-free cottage cheese with chopped fruit mixed in.
M5 (dinner) is fish or chicken and vegetables with ½ c. brown rice first 4 weeks only.
M6 (optional/dessert) a sugar free Popsicle.--This helped me not cheat.

I did not drink alcohol, diet soda or juice the entire 12 weeks. I did not consume foods made from white flour and try very, very hard to avoid sugar. I drink loads of water all the time...1 gallon +/- and I enjoy green tea (no sweetener) at the office.

As far as workouts go: I walked/jogged/ran 5-7 times a week for at least an hour. I started lifting weights after the 12 weeks were over.

After the 12 weeks were done I had lost 14lbs. of fat.

To date I have lost 31 lbs. of fat. 

Hope this helps whomever is looking to lose a good amount of FAT. Not weight! FAT!