April 12, 2013

A party of one...

I am married, but on my blog I am single…

I said this to my husband this morning when he yet again told me that he didn't want to be blogged/facebook-ed about. I learned my lesson the last time and these few sentences will be the last sentences I write about what he stands for.


On this blog I am single!!!!

It’s okay that things will be like this going forward. I don’t mind because if I go back in my posts I hardly mention my husband. It’s not because he doesn't exist, but it’s because MY HEALTH has nothing to do with him. I will of course refer to him when he is part of a story, but I will not be divulging any details about who he is or what he stands for.

The only thing I feel a little sad about being limited on what I can write about. I don’t think that I should be limited on anything I want to write about, but I guess I have to respect him. Too bad, I sometimes have really nice things to say about him.

On another note, I've been eating some great foods lately.

I found the best hummus! It’s Sabra Tuscan Herb Garden. It is the bomb! I've also been eating sweet potatoes and avocado. I have found that the last week I've been feeling really satisfied by keeping this type of diet. I want to find a meal plan that will show me not what to eat, but WHEN to eat what. I think that coupled with my 10K training will sloth off the final 20lbs. I have to lose.

Once I get back from vacation I’m going to really dedicate myself to a regime, like Body for Life. I also am going to keep on training for the 10k in July. I’m really excited about the summer because the warm weather usually brings weight loss with it. I have no idea why, but I think it’s because I am more likely to get into the garage to workout.