April 16, 2013

Feeling Down

The news about the Boston Marathon has got me feeling down. I feel bad for the victims and their families. I especially feel bad for the runners that will survive this without their legs. I can’t imagine being a true runner and then having that taken away by such a senseless act.  I saw some pictures from the scene of the crime and it was just horrific. I could never imagine the fear and panic that occurs when something totally out of left field like this occurs.

I’m also down because I cleaned out my son’s closet and got rid of a bunch of baby things. I realized just how grown up he is and that he no longer is a baby. He is going to be 4 next month and this is a fun age for sure, but it really went super fast. My sister sent me a text saying that I should look forward to school performances, sports, instruments and other things that school aged children do. I know she is right, but it just got to me today because I was going through things that we used on a regular basis that are no longer a part of our life.

It’s the passing of time that gets me down. I don’t know why and if I had enough money I would probably get a psychologist to tell me why the hell I have such a hard time with time passing and things coming to an end. It’s not like I was ever abandoned or left somewhere without my parents. Who knows? Maybe it’s something that I’m just predisposed to feel.

On a more up beat tune, we leave for Mazatlan in 4 days. I’m excited that I’m going to get to see my parents. I’m especially excited to go on an adventure. My son has never been on a plane. He’s going to flip (or freak out) when he finds out that we are going to fly. I’m excited too because my parents have a pool. We have a pool too but where I live it’s always cold and overcast. There are only a few random days that it’s warm enough to use the pool. I just want to leave my house for a while. Is that so wrong?