April 20, 2013

My beauty routine and the products I use

I've had a few friends approach me in the recent months asking me what beauty products I use and how I take care of my skin.

The first thing I always answer is that you have to drink a ton of water. I drink at least ten cups of water a day. I believe that there is a direct link between what we eat/drink to the clarity of our skin. You are what you eat!

After stating the whole water thing I also remind whomever is asking that they MUST wash their face at night. Now I know that sometimes we are dog tired and don't really want the extra hassle of washing our sticky makeup off. However, it's really important because makeup is sticky. I mean our environment isn't very clean. Do you really want to go to bed wearing the pollution that you walked through all day? Not to mention if you workout you have all that sweat residue on your face waiting to just clog up your pores.

The products that I use for my face can all be found at your local drugstore. I don't buy expensive makeup because I don't think I need to. The cheap stuff works really well for me. Here is the list of the products and why I use them:

Face Wash/ Cleanser - Dove Bar

Before when I was single I used to try many face wash products. I never really settled on a single face wash that I preferred over another. I knew which ones I definitely didn't like but I never had a special go-to cleanser. Now that I am married and have a child I just don't have the budget to be spending $10 a month on cleanser. So instead I use Dove. It's cheap, it's not harsh and it smells pretty. I used to think that using soap on your face was horrible, but Dove is different and you can buy it in bulk at Costco. Why wouldn't you use it?

Lotion - Neutrogena Healthy Skin SPF 35

The best product that I have in my makeup bag is my lotion. I have been using the same lotion since I was in high school and it's amazing. It also has alpha-hydroxy in it that helps with getting rid of old skin cells quicker thus making your skin look fresh. I use this lotion EVERY DAY. Even if I'm not going outside, I still wear it. A bottle costs around $12 and can last up to 3 months. I figure $4/mo. for awesome skin isn't to shabby.

Foundation - Maybelline Dream Liquid Mousse

I don't wear foundation every day. However, whenever I feel I want a little more coverage, I put some on after my lotion has dried. I like this foundation because it goes on your skin really light but has great coverage. A bottle costs around $10 and lasts me about 3 months if I use it regularly.

Powder - Covergirl Professional Loose Powder

Since I don't need to wear foundation everyday I use powder to even out my skin tone. I usually put it on when my lotions is almost dry. I also use it on top of my foundation when I do decide to wear foundation. I love this powder because you can decide how thick you want to pack it on. I like just using it once in the morning and that's it. Since I don't have oily skin applying my makeup once in the morning is enough to look descent the entire day. A 0.7oz tub lasts me about a month and costs about $7. Not bad, right?

Blush/Bronzer - Milani Bronzer XL All Over Glow

I use bronzer. I'm not a fan of blush because it always makes my face look like I've been crying. I buy this huge compact of bronzer that lasts about 6 months if not more. It costs $10 a compact but really it lasts forever.

Eyeliner - Zan Zusi Eyeliner

One of the most common questions I get from women is what brand of eyeliner do I use. This question always makes me smile because it's like my little secret (not so secret anymore). When I tell people they get SUPER shocked because for one, it is imported and for another it costs no more than $5 and lasts up to 6 months. I think of this eyeliner as my secret weapon because it's amazing in that it stays true to its color and doesn't grey or get faded when applied over eye shadow.

Eye Shadow - Covergirl Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadow

I go totally cheap on the eye shadows. These kits cost anywhere from $4-$6 depending on where I buy them. I tend to stick to the light browns/coffee tones for daily use and if I'm feeling sassy I like using purple tones. I usually lay my eye shadow down after I've applied my lotion and it's semi-dry.

Night Lotion - Vaseline

I don't use night lotion. Instead around my eyes I use Vaseline to get off my makeup and in the process leave it on. I've only been doing this for awhile but it's been really great for my wrinkly eyes.(BTW, I've always had really wrinkly eyes.)

So those are the products that I use on a daily basis. Maybe eventually I will use more expensive products but for now these work just fine.