April 3, 2013

My Opinion On Plastic Surgery

If you haven’t gathered from my blog yet, I am in my thirties.

Yes, I know, I look young.

I am very lucky and blessed that I look the way I look and have the “assets” that I have. Of course, nobody is perfect and everybody always has one or two things that they hate dislike about their body. I’m not going to pretend that I don’t hate dislike parts of my body. For one, I can’t stand my arms when I am overweight. It takes me a million years to get my arms into shape and because of that my arms are one of my things that I hate dislike about my body. Another thing I dislike is my back fat. It’s like all the fat in my body is throwing a party back there. I dislike it a lot!


Never in a million years would I sign up to alter my body in an unnatural way.

I will never have plastic surgery. You can quote me on this. You can even have this inscribed on my tombstone.

I will never have plastic surgery!

For one, I appreciate what god gave me. This is the way I came out of my mama! Why would I want to change that? I appreciate that this is the way that god, genes and chance chose to have me come out. I also believe in flaunting what you naturally have and working hard for the things that you don’t have.

For another, I would never have plastic surgery because it is an elective surgery that is COMPLETELY unnecessary. Every time that you sign up to go under the knife you are potentially signing up for an infection. We always think that we will never be that 1% but trust me I know firsthand that it can happen. Never in a million years did I think that my dad would be the 1% that would get sepsis from his surgery, which, by the way, wasn't elective. (It was necessary…just for the record.) Even before that happened to my dad I still thought, “Why risk it?”  My life is worth so much more than my looks. The people I love are worth so much more than getting something sucked out of me or placed within me. I would never risk my life voluntarily. There is just too much to live for in my life.

For the record, this is my opinion and my reasons why I would never have plastic surgery.

Now, when it comes to other people having plastic surgery I could care less what they do with their bodies. Before I was really against it and thought that whoever had some type of surgery done was insecure. To me, it seemed superficial and stupid. However, now I can see why certain people get it. I can sort of understand why others want it so badly and are willing to risk their lives for it. I don’t judge these people anymore. I just hope that they get whatever results they are looking for.

I still wouldn't ever do it to my body, but I at least try to understand people who opt to go that route.

So why did I change so drastically? Well, because I had a child. I know it sounds weird, but it’s the truth. I had a baby and my body went from fab to flab. For a while I was really depressed about the way that I looked. I never contemplated surgery, but I was very unhappy with my body and it seemed like I would never regain my cute shape. I knew that losing weight would be a journey and I knew that I could always make it back to good with my body. However, when I felt disgusted by my body I could understand why people would get so desperate to actually go under the knife. Would I ever go that route? No, but I could finally understand and I could finally stop judging these people. 

So to each his own!