April 7, 2013

New Running Shoes and a Milestone

Yesterday we went to a Dodger game. It was nice to be out of the house and it was nice being in a stadium after 5 years of not going to a baseball game.

It was a ton of work though.

My 3 year-old had a terrible case of Ants in the Pants and he kept wanting to go up and down the stairs to the concession stand and because he was drinking water like a fish, he had to go potty what seemed like every 5 minutes. To say the least, it wasn't very enjoyable for me.

However, I was at least out of the house and doing something different. I’ll take an adventure over staying home any day!

Really though, there are two things that happened yesterday that where way beyond exciting for me. Now remember, I’m weird and love hard work. So don’t judge! Remember this post where I listed a bunch of things that I wanted? Well I got new running shoes. They weren't on the list of the three that I listed on my blog. However, they are still Asics and they are awesome! Plus my husband will be able see me coming when I’m running my 10k. Aren't they awesome?

I’m super excited to rack the miles onto these puppies. I broke them in this morning on my treadmill and I could tell that they are brand spanking new because of how cushiony they are. You don’t notice how worn out your shoes are until you try on a brand new pair. I was long overdue for a new pair.

On another note, my treadmill reached a milestone. I hit 200 miles yesterday.


It took me seven months to get from 100 miles to 200 miles. I totally slacked off on the running over winter. Plus I did kickboxing and weight lifting for a few months. BUT STILL it took me 7 months to reach that milestone. I KNOW that the next hundred are going to go by fast with the 10K training. I’ll be running a lot more for that and just for my general health of course.

Fun fact: If I were to take the mileage on my treadmill and apply it to geographical distance, I have now run from Ventura to Tijuana, MX! Pretty awesome, huh?