May 9, 2013

3 Things My Bodybugg Taught Me

1. Online BMR formulas are WAY off.

For years, I have been using online BMR calculators. I trusted that these calculators were correct and I would eat accordingly. After being stuck for 3 months at the same weight something had to give. I knew that it had to be one of two things. I thought that either my metabolism was slow or I was eating too few calories. Never in my life did I think that the BMR I was using was off by 400 calories.

After wearing the Bodybugg for a week my average calorie expenditure comes out to 2,321 calories a day. The online calculator that I was using was predicting that with working out 3 times a week my average calorie expenditure a day was 1,886. If you do the math, the foundation of ALL my calculations has been off by 435 calories a day for the last year!!!!!

Since my goal is always to lose a pound a week, I was then subtracting 500 calories from 1,886 and eating 1,386 calories. So what I have been doing for a year is burning 2,321 calories a day on average but only eating 1,386.

This means that everyday I have had a deficit of 935 calories!!!

Well no frickin' wonder I haven't been losing weight. I've been unintentionally starving my body for the past year! It's a wonder that I've lost the first 31lbs. I think I lost it before my body caught on that I was unintentionally starving myself. I even feel bad that I've put my body through such lean times. I feel even worse because I think of all the food I skipped over to only eat 1,386 calories a day. I've been missing out!

Well thank god for the Bodybugg! I get to eat more now!!!

2. My metabolism is not slow, but rather fast.

Closely related to the above, I thought that one of the reasons why I wasn't losing any more weight was because my metabolism was super slow. In fact, I've always told people that my metabolism is slow. Well after wearing the Bodybugg I have come to find out that my metabolism is NOT slow but rather fast. This just shows me how out of tune the online calculators are and how valuable the Bodybugg is. As I mentioned above, the reason why I haven't been losing is because I've been unintentionally starving myself. My body is so freaked out of starving to death that it has been holding on to every last pound. I can't imagine the damage that I have been doing to my body. It makes me feel horrible that I've been starving my body and making it basically run on one cylinder instead of all eight. Oh yes, my body is a V8 engine!!!

3. I was eating too little.

As stated above, because of online calculators and my belief that my metabolism is slow I have been eating WAY too little. This has caused my body to run inefficiently and in turn I have not been able to break my plateau. My hope for the coming month is that my body will "reset" and realize that I am not starving anymore. This in turn will hopefully make my body begin to shed the weight.


I wish I had a Bodybugg sooner. I think back at all the times I went to bed feeling like I wanted to eat a spoonful of peanut butter or a banana but didn't because I was at my calorie limit. How unfortunate that I missed out on all that food. How unfortunate for my body that it went to bed starving.

I really wish I had a Bodybugg sooner.