May 30, 2013

5 Things I'm Loving Right Now...

1. Hootsuite

Since starting this blog a year or so ago I have changed a lot in my privacy preferences.

At first the blog was completely anonymous and I would use an alias as my signature. The only thing that tied me to the blog was my picture. None of my friends and family knew I had the blog and I’m guessing that not even my husband knew about it. After a while of being anonymous and losing some weight I began to get a lot of questions as to how I was losing the weight. After telling the same story 50 million times (okay, maybe 20 times) I decided that I would open up my blog a little more and maybe post a few blog posts to my personal Facebook page.  The posts were well received and I got a ton of positive feedback from my friends. This positive environment led me to believe that maybe I really did have something to say and that maybe there were people out there that felt the same way (depressed and fat). This led me to beg my husband to let me buy my domain name (he let me buy it). So with the domain name purchased I began to want to spread my wings into social media and along with that came my FHAF Facebook page and now my Twitter page. I was hesitant to sign up for so many social pages because I thought to myself, “How the hell am I going to have the time to post to every single page?!?!?” Well, guess what I did today, I Google searched that question above and came up with Hootsuite.

Hootsuite is amazing! It allows me to post simultaneously to all my social media pages. It’s pure genius and had I known it existed earlier I probably wouldn’t have been so hesitant to have so many social media accounts. Whoot, Whoot for Hootsuite!!! Hahaha!

2. My Bodybugg

Have I mentioned that I love my Bodybugg? Oh yeah, only herehere, here and here, right?!?! Well today marks a month with the Bodybugg and I’ve lost 7 legitimate pounds. You have no idea how happy this makes me. Three months of not losing was really beginning to bum me out. Thank god I splurged on my handy device! It’s definitely worth every penny.

3. My Kitchen

I think my cooking motivation has come back. Those portobello mushroom tops gave me the bug to cook again. I’m thinking that this weekend I am going to devote some time to cooking some breakfast recipes and a protein muffin, cookie or bar.

4. The Weather

The weather here is beautiful. It actually feels like summer. I also heard that the weekend is going to be super warm too! I can’t wait to be out of the office and into the sunlight.

5. My iPod

I love music. It’s no secret either. I have almost 13,000 songs on my iPod and they are all good songs. If my husband were to be sitting next to me typing this he would be saying, “You inherited all that music when we got married.” However, I think that I’ve always liked music. Yesterday, my husband uploaded some new CD’s into iTunes and today I’m enjoying all the new music on my iPod. I love that about my iPod, my love for it gets renewed every time I get new music.