May 10, 2013

5 Things You Might Not Know About Me...

1. I am SUPER shy in person.

I have always struggled with being shy and it's always felt like a curse. So many things that I want to say but it's almost like there is a brick wall between my brain and my mouth. The worst thing about being shy is that people misunderstand it. I have had many people (primarily women) say that they thought I was a total b*tch when they met me but once they got to know me they couldn't believe how humble I am. The worst is that pretty and shy do not mix well and people automatically think I'm stuck up when in fact I'm really just trapped by my own personality. I have learned to push myself to be less shy but it really doesn't come easy at all.

Isn't funny that I write a blog (that is pretty wordy) but have a hard time making conversation?

I find it to be almost comical.

2. My favorite thing to hear out of people is “I’m going on a diet.”

I love, love, love it when people around me go on a diet. It instantly makes me want to talk about nutrition and health with them. It also instantly makes me want to help that person get healthy and learn the ropes. At my last job, whenever the women in the office would begin to talk about losing weight and needing to go on a diet it always seemed like a little huge spark went off in me. I felt like they were going to be my new best friend because we had something amazing in common. Of course, I am all hardcore (I mean I wear a Bodybugg 23/7. C'mon! That's hardcore!) and I find myself resisting the urge to dump a million different health facts on my new best friend. I just love helping people learn about nutrition.

3. Laziness is my biggest pet peeve.

Urgh! I can't stress just how much lazy people drive me crazy. It's the worst when you are working with someone that will not pull there own weight. I have no tolerance for people who try to shove off their work or neglect their work in an effort to have someone else pick up the slack. It just boils my blood! Especially because they think that they've outsmarted everyone when in fact they just look like lazy asses!

Was that a mini rant?!?!

4. I have a nice and dirty sense of humor.

No prude here! The dirtier the better!

I don't know where I got my sense of humor from but I think it came from my dad. I am always down to hear a good joke and my dad is loaded with good ones. My brother has a good sense of humor as well. When I get to know people better my quick wit comes out and the one liners begin. Nobody ever expects it from me and usually I am greeted with a look of disbelief that I said something so vulgar. Hahaha!

5. I always root for an underdog.

I will always root for the underdog because I am the underdog. There have been so many challenges that I have encountered in my life that threatened to break my spirit (like my Junior High PE teacher) yet I never did break. In fact, it made me stronger and it made me appreciate my victories a lot more. I always get inspired when I hear about someone accomplishing something that everyone else thought was impossible. I believe in the human spirit and I believe that the sky is the limit and that you should never let anyone tell you that you can't or you won't.