May 3, 2013

I'm still alive.

Hey party people in the house!!!


I'm still alive over here. It's just been soooo busy on my side of the river. I  also had to take Thursday and Friday off to watch my son. So Monday through Wednesday was hectic at work and then the last two days I've been out and about with my boy. So yeah, sorry for kind of vacating the blog. I'll be back to regular posting starting tomorrow.

The long wait will be worth it though. Only because I bought the Bodybugg!!!! Yeah, it's amazing and I'm writing a review to show you all just how awesome it is. However, that post is overwhelming and is taking longer than expected. The Bodybugg has so many amazing features and I want to make sure I cover every single one.

So stay tuned for my lengthy review. I bet you'll think it's amazing after you all see what it can do!