May 15, 2013

It’s a blog. IT’S A BLOG! A BLOG!?!?!

I have a new coworker at work that swears that she has seen me before. She’ll come back every few days and say, “Do you know so-and-so?” or she’ll ask, “Do you go to XYZ place?” It must be driving her bananas for sure because she keeps trying to narrow it down.

So finally yesterday I asked her if she by chance followed any fitness/health/nutrition blogs online. She looked at me with an expression of, “What the hell are you talking about?” She finally asked, “What’s a blog?”

WHAT’S A BLOG?!?!? Really? I found it hard to explain to her that a blog is like a journal where you can write however often you want about whatever you want. I explained to her that often time’s blogs have a theme. After clarifying what a blog is and telling her that I have one, we obviously came to the conclusion that she’s never been to any healthy living blogs and that’s not where she knows me from.

Honestly, I don’t know why people don’t know what a blog is, but she’s not the first to ask me. I have encountered a lot of curiosity, negativity, and confusion when I explain to people that I have a blog.

The really negative people always re-buff my explanation of my blog with, “Why would you do that? Why would you type about nutrition and your life on the Internet?”  Then I need to explain to them that it’s an outlet just like any other hobby.  At times, these people walk away not fully understanding why I blog. At times, I just want to hurl a laptop at them and tell them to type in my web address so that I can show them just how amazing my blog is…lol. I generally feel that when someone gives me friction about the blog it’s either because they believe that the internet is full of predators trying to find copious amounts of information about me or they are just plain miserable in their own lives and could never fathom writing about it. I try not to focus on the negative people because there are just too many positives about having my blog and they can criticize all they want. Besides, for every negative person in my life there are many more that are positive.

I love it when I encounter the really positive people. They immediately ask for the web address and check out the blog and give me compliments with huge smiles. These are the people that don’t quite understand what a blog is but still enjoy reading about nutrition/health and my life. These are my favorite kind of people! These are my supporters! These are the people that I write for. They outnumber the haters and they are the ones that believe in me. I focus on them when I write and I try to write often because I know that they check my page often. Too all of you…


It doesn't go unnoticed and it is truly appreciated J