May 31, 2013

Relationship Advice And Why I Don’t Like Giving It…

When it comes to giving relationship advice I usually tread carefully. Relationships are messy, complicated and a lot of work. Often times, when couples are going through troubled times one or both seek to find advice among their friends. However, I believe that one should be careful when giving out advice. I believe that just because a couple is having issues it doesn't mean that they will automatically break up.

I mean, how many couples have you seen break up to only get back together a couple months later? It happens a lot and life has taught me that when you are giving advice to your friends it is best to not jump on the, “your-significant-other-is-a-jerk” train. I've done this once or twice and lived to later regret it when the person I did this with turned on me and said something along the lines of, “Well I now know how you really feel about my significant other.”

Urgh!!! It’s frustrating because you are made to be the bad guy. Well, you live and learn, and so now I have my generic answer of, “relationships are messy, complicated and a lot of work.” This way I am still able to show empathy without being the perceived jerk later on. It’s kind of crappy that I have to give generic advice but the truth is there really is no good advice you can give because you aren't in the relationship yourself.

On the flip side, I will make it easy on my friends by typing this on my blog…

If I ever come to you for advice about anything, give me the truth! I will NEVER make you regret that you were honest with me. If anything, I will always value your opinions and that you were willing to stick your neck out and give me advice no matter how hard it might be to hear.

--Dude, this post went an entirely different way than I intended it to. I wanted to write about the dating game and how I played it totally wrong…lol. I guess I’ll save that for another time!