June 30, 2013

Body For Life Food List

Today I am heading out to the grocery store to get prepared for my first week of Body For Life (BFL). I am going to go shopping for the following proteins, carbohydrates and vegetables:

Protein Carbohydrates Vegetables Good Fats
Chicken Breast
Turkey Breast Bake Potato Broccoli Safflower Oil
Lean Ground Turkey Sweet Potato Asparagus Sesame Oil
Swordfish Yam Lettuce Olive Oil
Orange Roughy Squash Carrots Canola Oil
Haddock Pumpkin Cauliflower Avocados
Salmon Steamed Brown Rice Green Beans
Tuna Steamed Wild Rice Green Peppers
Crab  Pasta Mushrooms
Lobster Oatmeal Spinach
Shrimp Barley Tomato
Top Round Steak Beans Peas
Top Sirloin Steak Corn Brussels Sprouts
Lean Ground Beef Strawberries Artichoke
Buffalo Melon Cabbage
Lean Ham Apple Celery
Egg Whites or Substitutes Orange Zuchchini
Low-Fat Cottage Cheese Fat-Free Yogurt Cucumber
Whole-Wheat Bread Onion

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