June 6, 2013

Getting Healthy: 5 Normal Feelings To Have When You Are Losing Weight…

Weight loss is a process. We all know this, but it seems like it is a very emotional process. Well at least it is for women. I'm not sure that men have as many feelings about it, basically because I am not a man. There is a whole spectrum of feelings that range from doubt to happiness. It's an emotional roller coaster but all those emotions are completely normal. Here are a few emotions that I've had along the weight loss journey:

1. Doubt – Am I really losing weight?
Humans are impatient. I know that I am ultra impatient and when I start any weight loss journey I continually keep checking the scale. I check the scale to see if all the sacrifices that I am making (by not eating dessert) are actually working. It can be ultra frustrating when you are just starting out and the scale doesn't move or does move, but not in the direction that you want it to. My advice (and this time around I took my own advice) is to weigh yourself at the beginning of the journey to use this as a reference point. Then after that do  not weigh yourself until AT LEAST 2 WEEKS of continually eating right and exercising. Don't be shocked at the number you see either. It won't be a huge loss if you are losing weigh the right way. It might only be 2lbs; BUT 2lbs is 2lbs! I also advise that when you do weigh yourself that you remember that the number on the scale is only one factor in the weight loss journey. Remember to consider how you are feeling about your smart choices. The weight loss will follow if you follow a sensible plan. Basically, in the beginning you need to have Blind Faith. Faith that you are doing the right thing and if you just sit tight you will begin to see results.

2. Frustration – I’m not losing enough weight! This isn't working!!!
Like I mentioned above, you might not see huge leaps and bounds on the scale when you are starting out. Heck, you might never see huge leaps and bounds. In the last year and a half, I've only had two months where I have lost more than 5lbs. in a month. [[Funny coincidence, both those months happen to be May. Maybe my son's birth month is a lucky month for me.]] It is absolutely normal to feel frustrated during the weight loss process. It will happen a lot!!! Sometimes, you might even feel despair when it seems that all your efforts are not amounting to much. My advice is to STICK TO IT! Continue to push forward and continue past the frustration and despair. Remember that you didn't gain all your weight in a few months either. Well, you probably didn't, unless you were eating like an elephant! Weight gain and weight loss are both slow processes. It's just that weight loss is harder! I guarantee that if you push past this stage you will be handsomely rewarded with a loss eventually. You might even have to have even more Blind Faith.

3. Reaffirmation – I've lost 5lbs. This is starting to work!!!
The best feeling in the world is when you start to see results. It gives you such a natural high and makes you feel ultra confident. Out of all the emotions during the weight loss journey, this is the best one by far. This is where you get reaffirmation from your body that you are doing the right thing and making great choices. This is where you are no longer needing to have Blind Faith because you know that what you are doing is working. My advice is to enjoy this emotion. It's an amazing feeling and it makes you feel so positive. I also advise you to remember this feeling when you are having your bad days. Remember without the bad days we wouldn't be able to appreciate the good days! Enjoy this emotion!!!

4. Fear – What if I stop losing?
Up until recently, I had been stuck in this emotion. I was in a huge rut for 3 months. I felt apprehension and fear that I was going to stay where I was at and that the scale would never move again. How did I overcome this fear and apprehension? I bought the Bodybugg. Yeah, yeah, I know it isn't for everyone and not everyone is as disciplined as I am to count calories. This was my solution to this emotion. I do well with knowledge and by buying the Bodybugg I cured any fear or apprehension I had. My advice for a normal person that isn't a numbers geek, well I advise to re-evaluate what you are eating. Don't quit! But do re-evaluate your diet and maybe count your calories for a day to see if you are getting enough food. That was my problem, I was starving myself without knowing it. Another piece of advice, turn your workouts up a notch. Maybe add weight lifting to your routine. The key to not feeling fear or apprehension during weight loss is to face your fears head-on. If you are proactive you have nothing to fear.

5. Happiness – I’m at my goal weight! I've done it!
Hitting your goal weight is an amazing feeling. After all the hard work and sacrifice you are finally at your destination. However, you are still on a journey. You might be done with the weight loss portion of your journey but you still have to maintain your weight loss. I hear that for a lot of people it is harder to maintain their weight loss than it was losing the weight. My advice is that once you hit your goal you continue making the good choices in regards to your diet and you continue to keep an active lifestyle. You might not have to work as hard at it as you did during the weight loss journey, but you will still have to work at it. There are just too many yummy foods out there and it will always be super hard to resist them all!!!