June 21, 2013

Happy 1st Day of Summer!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! Even better than that...Happy First day of Summer!!! 

Our summer is starting to fill up with concerts, baseball games, camping trips and attempting to catch all of
those epic summer movies. 

Tomorrow, the boys have plans to hit up a skate park (my husband and sons skateboard) and I'm getting my hair done...finally. We are starting off the summer right over here at the FHAF household!

I also have plans to go see Monsters University with my little monster :) Liam has been begging me to see it ever since they started running the trailers on the television. Every time the trailer comes on, Liam is screaming, "Mom, mom, mom, check out this!" :) 

On the food and fitness front I know that I want to run tonight, circuit train tomorrow and probably do some aerobics on Sunday. I also want to make some whole wheat banana and walnut pancakes on Sunday morning. I bought the flour last week and I've been itching to make something with it.

Those are my uneventful weekend plans. I'm actually looking forward to this weekend because we have nothing planned. Last weekend was super hectic and I'm ready to just have some down time.

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