June 1, 2013

My 1 Month Bodybugg Results And A Trip To Santa Monica

Happy Saturday ya'll! Well happy whatever-is-left-of-the-day Saturday :)

So today marks a month of having my Bodybugg. I must say that I am COMPLETELY pleased with the results. If you remember correctly I had set the Bodybugg to lose 1.5lbs/week. I am very happy to report that I lost a total of 6lbs. this month. Pretty darn accurate, right?!?!? I couldn't be happier considering the last 3 months have been at a total plateau.


To celebrate I went out and stuffed my face at Bubba Gumps...lol

Actually no, I didn't but my husband took us to visit the Santa Monica Pier.

It had been a good while since I had been there and it was nice to be out of the house.

[[Actually, I live for getting out of the house and breaking the routine. Before we had our son we were NEVER home. We would leave the house at around 6am and go to the beach (my husband is a surfer). The husband would do his thing in the cold ass water while I sat either in his truck (if it was freezing outside) or out on his tailgate sipping my Starbucks and reading a book. After we would pack up his board and wetsuit and head out to breakfast. We would then go home for a few hours and nap and then either go to my parents house or just out to dinner in the evenings. I had a lot of fun before I had my son. I'm not saying that I don't have fun now. It's just different. Back then it was selfish fun while now it's kid-friendly fun. Let's just say that I appreciate both and am really glad that we didn't rush to have kids after getting married.]]

Anyways, we had a fun time out in Santa Monica. The people watching alone is fun. There is definitely a mix of different people. You have the artsy-fartsy, the hipsters, the parents (us), the young girls that make shopping a sport and the tourists.

Talking about tourists, today I pretended that I was a tourist and took some nice pictures of Santa Monica.

And like I said, we went to Bubba Gumps... 

My son was hiding under the table. He's a silly little booger. (If he knew I was calling him a booger he would be yelling at me, "I'm not a booger, Mommy!")

And he got tired of me pointing the camera at him. Of course...

 And right before my camera died (yeah, I ran out of the house before checking the battery) I was able to snap a few of the 3rd Street Promenade... 

And the last pic had to be of the gigantic Apple...

Too bad my camera died. I was so bummed too. I always check my battery but I was in such a rush to leave the house I just didn't this time.

Well, I guess there is always a next time...