June 20, 2013

My Migration Back to Blogging

I have been blogging for over ten years. Granted, the only blog that you can see is this one and this blog is my "baby" blog since it's only about a year and a half old. Take my word for it though, I've been a long time blogger.

So yes, I started blogging in 2003. At the time I was dealing with a break up, that for me, came out of nowhere. I had so many feelings that needed to be reconciled within my heart and the way that I got through it was by blogging. The first blog I kept had a basic blue background and it was nothing special to see. I didn't know much about privacy settings and I had no HTML experience.  I was completely green on the whole internet blogging thing. All I knew was that there was a place somewhere in cyber space that could collect all my negative feelings and I wouldn't have to burden my friends with all the feelings I had. I mean, have you ever been with a friend that is fresh off of a break up? Yeah, all they want to talk about is the break up! That's exactly how I was and I did talk about it a lot to anyone that would listen, but for me that wasn't enough.

Well as time went by, as it often does, I healed my heart. However, what remained was a lovely blog about every emotion I felt during that year. I decided to continue writing in my blog and I did write all the way through meeting my husband, dating my husband, marrying my husband, and buying a home.

During this time (2004/2005) if you can remember, Myspace was all the rage. I joined Myspace and enjoyed the social interaction with friends for about a year. However, I continued to blog on the side. I guess I had a ton of time back then because Myspace never affected my rate of blog posting. I was on Myspace for that year and then decided that I didn't like being limited to the amount of characters that were dictated to me for a status update. I quit Myspace.

I wasn't on any social media sites for a very long while. I joined Facebook in 2008 and I've been on it ever since. Facebook seemed to be alright for a while but I started to feel like again I couldn't fully express myself within 420 characters. I also noticed that as Facebook got more and more popular among the people I knew, the more and more I reduced my friend's list. I think I got it down to 38 friends at one point. It just seemed like there was a lot of mud slinging and negativity among the people that were originally on my friends list. The past year, year and a half, I've been adding more people to my list. I think I have something like 80 friends. [[My policy for Facebook is, if I don't know you and like you in person, I won't add you.]] Over this past year, I've also noticed that again I am growing restless with the limits of 420 characters for Facebook. Especially in the last six months, I've noticed that I've come back to my old ways of blogging.

There is a feeling of freedom that comes from having a blog. My blog looks different from the next blog. Whereas every one's Facebook looks the same. My blog is more personal and it's also a place where I can type to my hearts content. I foresee that in the near future I might just use Facebook as a vehicle to promote my blog. I think my "social media" time will be devoted more to my blog...quite simply because I have a love for it and it's really My Space.

So I've come full circle. Man, 2003 Karla was wise beyond her years! Ha! ;)

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