June 18, 2013

New Pages And Features...

Hey everyone!

I have been MIA for a few days on here. Actually, I really haven't. I've just been working on the design of this page a little. I've added a few features and some new pages.

The biggest change is the drop down menu up at the top. Remember I only had static tabs? Well, now I have a drop down menu that has allowed me to add more pages to the blog without cluttering the top of the page.

This brings me to my new pages...

I have added the following pages:

  • Who's Who (under the "About Me" tab)  - This page will give you an idea of who the main players in my life are.
  • Crockpot Recipes (under the "Recipes" tab) - This page will be dedicated solely to Crockpot recipes.
  • Playlists- This page will have all kinds of playlists. I love music, there will be many!
  • Listening To (under the "Playlists" tab) - This page will have a list of my current infatuation in music. Basically, what I am listening to on my iPod and new albums that I've purchased and actually liked.
  • Workouts - This page will list the latest workouts I am doing. I had this page before but took it down for lack of use. I plan to make the page better this time around.
  • Home/Garden - This tabs will be dedicated to the cool home projects I want to do to my home.
  • Home Projects (under the "Home/Garden" tab) - This page will be dedicated to the current and past projects I have done to my home.
  • Budgeting (under the "Home/Garden" tab) - This page will teach you how to grocery shop on a budget.
  • FAQ's - This page is split between personal questions and nutrition questions.

My hope by adding these new pages is to have a well-rounded page. I want everyone to get to know me and all the things that I consider important and fun in my life.

Anyways, today I worked on the Who's Who page. Go ahead and take a look!