June 13, 2013

One Small Step...

Sooooo last night I ran 3 miles!

Whoot Whoot!!!

I feel a lot better and like I am back on track. It’s just about getting out of the house and into the garage. I literally have to carve out the time to exercise these days. It seems like my son goes to bed later and later and by the time he is actually asleep it’s about 9pm. I guess this is the way it is going to have to be from here on out. Either that or I’m going to have to become a morning exerciser…urgh! Like that will ever happen.

Well, since realizing this trend I've requested from my husband that my new workout time be at 7:30. This means that dinner will still get served and my son will get his bath. The only thing that I will be missing out on is putting my son to bed on the nights that I work out (hubby will be doing this.)

Before, when my son was younger I would hesitate taking time away from being with him. However, at this point, I think it is healthier for both him and me that I go out and exercise in the garage. For one thing, it makes me feel happier as a person. Happy mom, happy life, happy son! I also think it’s important for my son to see me work out. I think that if he sees me in motion it might influence him to stay in motion as well.

So yeah, I stuck to my word and ran the miles. Tonight is the Low Impact Aerobics. I can already tell you that it’s in the bag. I've planned dinner for tonight (Garlic Chicken, Veggies & Quinoa) and if everything goes smoothly, I should be in that garage by 7:30. I’ll let you know how it goes.