June 28, 2013

Starting Body For Life Next Week...

I need to get my butt back on track so I've decided that I am going to start the Body for Life program come Monday. 

I did the program back in March of 2012 for 7 weeks and then gave up. Within those 7 weeks I saw some muscle growth and according to my husband my arms where starting to show muscles. I wish I would have stuck to it, but the truth is, I wasn't in the right mindset to complete the program. 

However, this time I am. I need structure and I need a routine to follow. I also need a balance in my workouts. Since I don't have a schedule, I tend to do more cardio than weights. I need to do both to see the best results and I know this. 

I'm planning on using my Bodybugg during this time to accurately document all my stats. Yeah, you know me, I'm the numbers geek! I'm also going to use my body fat scale that I finally bought. That way if the scale has a lame number (like it usually does) I can still see my body composition stats and know what direction I am going in.


You are all coming with me on this 12-week journey! 

I want to document the ride. The reason why I want to document it is because there aren't too many people that write about the program day-in/day-out. I know when I started the last time I only found a handful of really good blogs of real people that were doing the program. If I was looking for it, I know other are going to look for it. So I'm going to share my experience for future Body for Life-ers.

I go grocery shopping for this adventure on Sunday.

Hope I don't break the bank!

Later Gators!

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