June 12, 2013

Super Girly Playlist

Hey Everyone! I hope that you had a good laugh from my favorite Friends scenes yesterday. I swear when I am in a bad, or sad, mood Friends is the only thing that can get me out of my funk.  

Anyways, I wanted to post up a new playlist today. Remember I told you all that I was going to develop a playlist page as one of my tabs on this page. Well in order to have a playlist tab, I need to have playlists...lol. 

This one is my second playlist on the blog. I really can't believe that it's only my second one since I am so into music. It just seems so strange that I haven't posted more playlists. Anyway, I decided that the theme of this playlist would be "gender." 

Primarily the female gender :)

I find that when the world is being unfair to me because I am a girl the best way for me to feel empowered again is to listen to music that shows just how flippin' awesome it is to be a girl.

So for your listening pleasure these are the songs I listen to when I need to feel awesome again:


As previously mentioned, I have included an online player that has these songs on it so that you can listen to the songs that you haven't heard before: