July 2, 2013

Being on a Diet is Hard!

So it's not a diet, but it's hard! The reason the eating portion of Body For Life (BFL) is so hard is that you have to balance your carbs and protein. I'm finding (or I already knew) that natural sources of protein aren't enough to keep my ratio in balance. Thus, the diet is hard and I'm finding that I'm going to have to average 2 protein shakes a day.

Does this mean that I'm going to fail at this? Ummmm, no! You should know me better by now. When I say that I'm going to do something, I flippin' do it! This just means that I'm going to have to get creative and actually PLAN and COOK all my meals AND guzzle protein shakes like nobody's business.

I truly suck though! Read on...you'll see why...

On the workout front, I've already failed. Well, not failed, I just haven't started the workout. Last night we took Liam to see Monster's University (finally).

I didn't get done with putting him to bed and my chores until 10! At that point I thought, "I'll double up the workout tomorrow." So yeah, that is what I'm doing tonight. I have the upper body workout to complete along with 20 minutes of crazy, balls-to-the-wall cardio.

I'm fine with that! I should still finish around the 1-1.5 hour workout mark. Not too bad and considering it's not my legs that I'm working out tonight, I think it's totally doable. Would I do my legs and cardio on the same night?

Yeah right!

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