July 1, 2013

Body For Life: The First Day

It’s about mid-day and I’m sailing through the first day of my Body For Life journey. Tonight I have an upper body workout planned. I love working my upper body because it’s so wimpy and it feels good to beat it into submission…hahaha!

It hurts so good!


I think I am doing okay with the eating portion of BFL. However, I notice that I am going to need some recipes right quick or else I'm going to get bored. I need to find combinations that balance out my protein to my carbohydrate ratio. For instance, right now I am at 110g Carbs and 105g Protein. It's really close to equal but I've had to drink 2 protein shakes to keep my protein even near my carbs. I'm going to boil eggs tonight and eat a few of those for a snack tomorrow but I fear that protein shakes will have to become a way of life for the next 12 weeks.

This is where I stand as of now on the whole macros breakdown:

On another note, I'm wearing my Bodybugg today. Those extra 419 calories added above are from the Bodybugg. It talks to my Myfitnesspal account and I've opened my food log just for you guys to be able to see what I'm eating. This entire journey is going to be transparent and I want to show my readers that if the former fat kid with asthma I can do this, then anyone can.

So it's not only my first day of BFL but it's also my first day wearing my Bodybugg. I took a break from wearing it for a week. I wasn't logging my calories so it became sort of meaningless to put the Bodybugg on. So I'm starting from scratch on my stats but I should have averages again by next Monday. I look forward to watching how the BFL challenge translates into numbers on my Bodymedia Fit software. I really love my Bodybugg and I don't regret buying it at all.

One more thing, I've added a new Body For Life Page to track my entire journey. It's under "Workouts." It's nothing to look at right now, but it's only my first day of BFL...so hold your shorts!!!

Later Gators!

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