July 28, 2013

Hot air balloons, my Nutribullet and the family wall.

What started out as a way to get my son to eat vegetables has quickly turned into a re-obsession with my Nurtibullet. I've been juicing and protein shaking it up all weekend. I just made a juice with spinach, orange and watermelon. It was soooo good! Liam even had some. Actually, every time he sees me take out the Nutribullet container he comes over to me and asks me if I can share :) I'm excited that I can sneak in his vegetables this way. The rejection of fruit and vegetables was killing me!

Yesterday evening we went to a festival of hot air balloons. These balloons are impressive. I counted that there were 16 balloons all together.

I've never been on a hot air balloon ride, but I think I'm going to add it to my bucket list. These balloons are just so impressive. Especially at night:

On another note, remember I was working on a family wall in my hallway? Today I finished putting up the frames and soon I will have the pictures actually in the frames.

Talking about projects, I've also been working on a project that I've wanted to do for a while but I never really got around to doing it. I will probably post about it this week since it's a very small, but a super cute, project.

That's what I did this weekend?

Did you do anything special this weekend???

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