July 10, 2013

I swear I'm still alive...

I'm still breathing...hahaha! I kind of took an unexpected few days off from the blog. I've been super busy at work, with the family and with a little house project. To say the least, I've been exhausted.

Talking about house projects, have you seen my home project page? I listed a few projects that I want to tackle in the near future and one of them included what I've been calling the "Family Wall." Basically, I'm putting up pictures on a wall. However, there are a few twists to the wall...all pictures past and present, digital and film will be in black and white. Also, I have added a quote about family with a vinyl decal. I've divided the project into 3 phases:

  • 1. Phase I - Applying the vinyl decal and situating the bigger frames.
  • 2. Phase II - Purchasing the smaller frames and positioning them onto the wall.
  • 3. Phase III - Finding the right 15 pictures to print and place on the wall.

Currently, I am on the brink of the second phase. Here is what the wall looks like...

Did you notice the wall clock? Yeah, since the quote has to do with the passage of time I thought that the clock was appropriate. BTW, it is a working clock...lol. You know, just in case you happen to be in my hallway you will always know the time...hahaha!

I think the hardest part will be picking out the pictures. However, I've been wanting to do this project for a VERY long time and I have a special file in my external drive dedicated to the Family Wall. I just have to come up with another 7 solid worthy pictures to fill the gaps. I'm super picky with the pictures that I want on this wall.

The pictures I want are pictures that portray emotion. I don't want pictures that are posed for and/or forced upon the subjects of the pictures. Let me explain this a little better...

Let's take my wedding for example. I have a bunch of pictures of me and my husband...all posed for. However, there is one of us where some type of joke must have been said between us as we were cutting the cake because we are both looking at each other in a certain way. Here is the picture...

This picture is my favorite because there is obviously an emotion involved. [[Yeah, I had a backyard wedding, but at least we are still happily married, which is more than I can say for a lot of other couples around us.]]

So yeah, I want pictures like this on my wall. I'm sentimental, mushy and soft and I love the people I love, fiercely. My house is full or reminders of who/what is important to me. The people I love are the reason I get out of bed everyday and walking past this wall every morning will start my day off right.

That's what I've been doing with my spare moments. I'll get back to fitness related things in the next post.

Later Gators!

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